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SOSTER Choker Studs

Maak jou look compleet met deze speciale handgemaakt choker!!

€17,95 €8,97

SOSTER Vintage Tie Choker / Gucci Green

This SOSTER Choker is an unique item! This choker is made of vintage men tie. This YSL tie is from high quality and every Choker is unique. From every Choker there is a limited edition from only 5 chokers.

€29,95 €14,97

SOSTER Dark Blue Velvet

The SOSTER velvet choker! Spotted at famous models and bloggers. This amazing Velvet Choker is a must have! Chokers are a amazing big trend and indispensable of your Instagram feed! With an simple adjustment you can make an totally different look. We also

€22,95 €11,47

SOSTER Velvet small

The SOSTER Velvet small is perfect for any outfit. Classy and less is more. The Velvet small choker is the one we keep in the collection because this is one is the first choker that we have ever made for you! Velvet is perfect timeless and amazing at all

€17,95 €8,97

SOSTER Black Leather Choker

The Black Leather Choker is made of high quality faux leather what smoothly carries and not sweat. The Black Leather Choker is a tough addition to for instance a SOSTER top or tee. Because leather never goes out of style!!! The Black Leather Choker is

€24,95 €12,47

SOSTER Single Diamond Choker

The Single Diamond Choker is one of our timeless jewellery chokers. The Jewellery & Metal Look is a new indispensable trend and easy to wear with all the other chokers. Try the Single diamond Chokers agree with multiple Chokers, wear 2 or 3 chokers for a

€19,95 €9,97

SOSTER Silver Chain Fall Elastic

The Silver Chain Fall Elastic Choker is the combination of the classic velvet choker & the new metal look! Perfect for your party dress and a funky night out! It's a statement choker for you little black dress! Easy, comfortably and wearable by the elasti

€29,95 €14,97

SOSTER Silver Diamond Choker

Silver Diamond Choker: our amazing statement choker! Glitters & Diamonds are fully suitable for the upcoming festival season and its very happening in the streets style. Make your Festive outfit on point with this Silver Diamond Choker: There is a Silicon

€29,95 €14,97

SOSTER Raw Chain Choker

The Raw Chain Choker. Our SOSTER Metal look Queen! On trend area, this is one of the latest variations in the choker area. He fits right in your street style look and, for example, is easy to combine with other jewelery or velvet chokers. Be new, Be metal

€24,95 €12,47

SOSTER Gold Necklace Moon And Back

The Gold Necklace String Moon choker is one of our Jewelery: hand crafted and fair produced. This gives a Classy look to any outfit, less is more and is easy to combine. WE < 3 small jewelery. This necklace loves you to the moon The Silver Necklace St

€24,95 €12,47

SOSTER Black velvet

The SOSTER Black velvet is made of stretchy velvet and easy to match with any outfit. The original Choker but still a luxurious look by, among others, the black stone at the back of the buckle and is handmade precision. The Black velvet is gemaakt van r

€17,95 €8,97
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